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The history of golf. Best golf destinations in the United States

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to define the origin of golf game. You will definitely find a lot of legends and stories on this topic. One of the versions says that the basics of the game were laid by medieval shepherds who were banging round pebbles with their staffs in order not to get bored while grazing sheep. A number of countries have a lot of good reasons and evidence to believe the golf was found by them. For example, Italians claim that during the Roman Empire, the soldiers in order to maintain themselves in good fit chased leather balls on the ends of curved sticks. This game was called paganica, but it was a team game, and it was necessary to beat a moving ball, so it is more likely that the hockey came from this game. And on silk cloth, which belongs to the era of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, the images depicting women playing golf were found. French and Belgians also have their own versions. Nevertheless, most golfers and people, who are involved in this game consider a small Scottish town of St Andrews the motherhood of the classic golf. By the way, on one of the stained glass windows of the old St Andrews cathedral it is possible to see the image of a man with a club in his hands. Even the island country Jamaica has its own golf legend. The game is so popular that every country wants to be associated with its invention.

Nowadays, golf is one of the world's most popular sports. And this popularity is not only contemplative. People who love golf, not only attend tournaments, watch games on TV and admire the world's best players, in most cases they play golf themselves. And it is not surprising. After all, golf is a unique sport that has no limits and no age or health state contraindications. The golf provides excellent load to almost all the muscles of a human body, makes work both body and brain. In addition, a round of golf it's a great opportunity to spend time outdoors. Golf always has something for everyone. That is why, this noble game gained such a huge popularity all around the world.

Today, it is possible to find a golf course in every country and almost in every city. What a stunning variety of courses exists in the world. There are coastal, park, mountain, desert and even ice courses! It is impossible to find a sport playground, which would be at least half as beautiful as the golf course. Americans made a great contribution to the development of the game. For many years the golf is considered to be one of the most popular games in the United States. Many businessmen as well as celebrities play golf. Why golf? The answer is simple - today it is perhaps the most prestigious sport, - the game of kings. The game is popular all across America since the 19th century. In 1884 in the state of West Virginia, the first U.S. golf club was opened. Today in the U.S. there are over 16,000 golf courses. The country is covered with places for golfers. In the United States of America golf infrastructure is highly developed. Each year the most luxurious golf clubs of the U.S. open their doors to a great number of tourists, offering a great vacation combined with unsurpassed service. Immaculate green fields, combining classic and park style (presence of wooded areas with old oaks, as well as open fields), and breathtaking views of the ocean, all these you can enjoy on the American golf courses. White golf carts like a yacht, moving slowly around the artificial ponds, carefully protected by clubhouse greenkeepers.

Different states offer a wide variety of golf facilities that will definitely suit any budget and taste. In case you decide to visit Atlantic City, you will definitely get perfect golf experience, as this place is well-known for its developed golf culture. There are a lot of golf communities in the Atlantic City. Each community has its own traditions and organizes its own competitions. Atlantic City is one of the most popular venues for golf tournaments. Golf courses in Atlantic City are developed according to the projects of the best designers, to provide better facilities and comfort for players. There is no better combination than the blue sky and the green landscape. Atlantic City offers plenty of opportunities for golf lovers. So if you are obsessed with this elegant game, do not miss the opportunity to play it in Atlantic City.

Open air golf courses in the Nordic countries do not allow people to enjoy the game all year round. Nowadays, in the world there is a separate sphere of tourism, dedicated to organization of golf vacations. Due to the development of such tours, people have an ability to play golf regardless of the season the year. Holidays on the golf resorts is not only the great way to spend time outdoors, improve your health and communicate with interesting, like-minded people. The golf is more than just a game for the elite, it is a way of life. You also can join the caste of golfers and enjoy golf all year round, as American golf resorts of Florida, Hawaii and South California with their excellent mild climate allows you to play you favorite game in any season of the year, enjoying breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must visit Myrtle Beach golf destinations, as they are considered to be a paradise for any golfer. Each year Myrtle Beach golf resorts and courses receive thousands of tourists, who strive to join golf community and take part in the hottest golf tournament, known all over the world. Myrtle Beach hotels and resorts offer affordable plans for golf vacation, which will allow you to play your favorite game not spending a fortune. South Carolina, with its high-quality courses is a mecca for every golfer, who do not miss the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship.

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